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Legacy High School is a group three associated educational programs:

  • A direct instruction program in which instruction occurs within on-campus classroom settings at high school and middle school levels. The high school program is referred to as either Legacy Classroom or Legacy High School. The middle school program is identified as Reaching Educational Achievement through Choices and Habits (REACH)
  • Identified as Legacy OnLine Advantage, Legacy High School’s independent learning program takes place through academic instruction that occurs primarily off-campus through electronic means, utilizing computer-assisted instruction. Apex Learning and Apex Literacy Advantage courses constitute the core of the Legacy OnLine Advantage curriculum.
  • An institutional education program that provides educational services primarily for students younger than 18 years of age housed in the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center and minors housed in the Benton County Jail. Educational services within the Juvenile Justice Center school occur in classroom settings.  Educational services for minors housed in the Benton County Jail receive instruction in one-to-one tutoring settings, following the Alternative Learning Experience standards of the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Two transitional programs, Community Alternative Transition School (CATS) and Day Reporting, are also affiliated with the institutional educational program.


Legacy High School provides opportunities for students to become educationally successful in settings different than those found in their previous schools. It sometimes is described as an alternative or non-traditional school. It creates a safe, supportive, productive, and flexible environment that is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. Personalized and differentiated instruction engages and challenges each student.


In contrast to the traditional, comprehensive high schools in the Kennewick School District, Legacy High School has no residential-based attendance areas; enrollment is not determined by the neighborhood in which a student resides. Legacy High School serves the students of the entire Kennewick School District. Enrollment in both the direct instruction program and in the independent learning program is by choice, based upon either student/parent application, or by administrative referral.


Applications to the Legacy REACH, Legacy Classroom, and Legacy OnLine Advantage programs are closely scrutinized; admission is not automatic. Because of the non-traditional aspects of the Legacy High School programs, not all of the academic requirements of students with certain instructional needs can be met in this setting. Although the organizational structure of Legacy High School allows for a degree of flexibility not often found in traditional school settings, the instructional environment is more restrictive that its traditional counterparts. Placement in Legacy High School programs can be described as a Tier 4 (Specially-Designed Learning) response to intervention – a more restrictive environment than Tiers 1 through 3 typically identified in a RTI pyramid of interventions.


Legacy High School educational programs are fully accredited following the protocols of the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), an accreditation division of AdvancED.

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